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Full Bio

Living the Dream

Captain Mike Rejto first wanted to be an archeologist, and as a kid he carried around a worn out cigar box full of odd things he found in the dirt. He spent his very early years fascinated by the tidal areas around One Hundred Acre Cove and the Barrington River, then he saw Jaques Cousteau specials on television and decided that the oceans were the place to be. Not being able to afford an old wooden mine-sweeper from the French Navy at age ten, he instead spent a great deal of time canoeing, sailing, rowing, and swimming at various places in New England, including Kendbrin Swim & Tennis Club and Camp Yawgoog in Rhode Island. He kept minnows in a huge bucket in the basement to feed to his piranhas until the stench drove everyone in the house mad. He made it to the Arrow of Light order as a Boy Scout but no one can recollect exactly why or what it means. As a teenager he crewed on race boats for local yacht clubs and on cruisers headed for Block Island & Martha's Vineyard.

After barely making passing grades to finish high school he drove his truck aimlessly along various suburban wooded foot paths and tried not to get arrested, but eventually joined the US Navy and became a Rescue Swimmer. Curiously the navy dungaree uniform he was given in boot camp was essentially the same given to inmates of federal prisons. After the military Captain Mike worked his way through a Fine Art degree from the Tufts/Museum School program while working on small ferry boats, tending bar, and doing every other type of job imaginable. In art school Mike studied drawing, illustration, painting, and animation. He was fortunate to later find work in higher education doing tech support in multimedia and earned a Master's degree in Educational Technology while working at a small obscure school in Cambridge, MA. He has since worked in the Boston area at universities and non-profits doing technology support, training, instructional design, and web development.

Recently he has had the privilege of teaching in the public schools part time in RI and at a local sailing school - providing instruction in sailing, small boat handling, and marine systems & technology. Captain Mike has owned several boats including a Flying Junior that sank on its maiden voyage. He previously owned a Cape Dory 24 Trawler, a very unique boat, and now sails a 1981 Cape Dory 33 Sloop Sanderling. Captain Mike is most passionate about teaching and helping others achieve higher potentials and goals while having fun, and he believes his greatest achievement is his own continuing education.

"I like a lot of things about teaching and being involved in all aspects of education, but one of the things that I like best is the service industry aspect. When I parked cars for a living at a hotel after finishing art school, the valet part got boring after I parked my 200th smelly rental car. But I really liked constantly meeting the different kinds of people who came out of those cars with different faces, luggage, accents, and stories. Working in education I am able to enjoy the same variety in people and stories, which keeps life interesting."

- Captain Mike

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